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1uv[one-ofBeautiful 1-uv-a-kind bags. 


With 1uv, you don’t need to visit a formal gallery to be captivated by beautiful art. We’ve taken art off the wall and placed it in your hands so you can truly connect with it. Thanks to 1uv you can actually touch paintings. Wear them. Own them. Use them in your everyday life.


We’ve acquired dozens of paintings by a remarkable Canadian painter and transformed them into the essential ingredient of a 1uv design.

Yes! We cut up spectacular acrylic paintings to make bags. We know it sounds crazy. We weren’t even sure we’d be able to bring ourselves to actually dissect that first dazzling four-by-nine-foot landscape but with our artist’s encouragement we began to view this as a step in an ever-evolving creative process.

We took these incredible swatches of deconstructed art, carefully paired them with the highest quality leathers, and elevated them into a completely new art form.


Carrying a one-of-a-kind 1uv bag tells the world something about you, about your style, and about your individuality. 1uv bags are made from more than paint, canvas, leather, and thread. Some things that go into our bags can’t be touched but can only be felt. Like the fun and love that goes into each piece of art and handcrafted leather. And, most of all, our desire to astonish you with our creations. All of our bags are designed and crafted in Canada, by hand, the old-world way. Together these things define us.

No two 1uv bags are the same. Each is a distinct and compelling objet d’art. Just like any serious art collector would, take your time finding the perfect 1uv bag that speaks to you. 

1uv. Style is art.