NV Clutch-Birkeland 1 Black


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NV Clutch-Birkeland 1 Black, a 1uv-a-kind art & leather Clutch. This unique handbag is made from original art from artist Kent Thomson. Handmade in Canada with Italian leather.

1 in stock

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NV Clutch-Birkeland 1 Black is a 1uv-a-kind Clutch Handbag. This sleek and elegant bag features original art and Italian leather.  A unique bag that is perfect for any occasion because it is functional and fashionable. The vegetable tanned leather comes from an area in Italy known for its high quality leather. Our hardware is also from Italy but our bag is handmade in Canada.

We treat the art with a clear matte acrylic coating, therefore making it suitable for all weather conditions, including Canada’s weather.

We use a Royal Purple liner on the interior because we believe your bag should be beautiful on the inside as well as the out.

Style: NV Clutch-Birkeland 1 Black

Painting: Birkeland 1

Frame: Black Italian Leather

Dimensions in inches (l,w,h): 11 x 1 x 7

Interior: 1 Interior pocket (6-inch zipper)

Closure: Magnetic clasp

Birkeland1 (2013), acrylic on canvas, 20″x 60″.

Birkeland1 is one of four paintings in a series by Kent Thomson. These detailed gems are inspired by the scientific phenomenon the “Birkeland Currents”, which are a set of currents that flow along geomagnetic field lines connecting the Earth’s magnetosphere to the Earth’s high latitude ionosphere. To Canadians it’s simply the Northern Lights.


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